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Ya I know I am not interesting

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Monday, August 8th, 2005
2:55 pm - Myspace.com
Me at my space. http://www.myspace.com/tigerseye21
1:19 am - Myspace.com
Ya look at me I have more profiels.
Go look I comand you.
Sunday, August 7th, 2005
11:29 pm - Things are better now
Ok so ya I know I have been bitchy latly, but I have been down latly. Buy all better for now. Tiffy come over tonight and Erica is comeing over tomarrow. So ya. All good.
12:18 pm - My fun filled life
So I was job hunting to day. For what evr I could find really. Well I tried NWjobs.com and evry singel job I could find on there requierd that you have 3 years exp to do this job. How the fuck are you supozed to get the 3 years exp when you cant get a job to get the exp. Its bull shit. I am so sick of looking for work. Evry interview that I have ghon to latly have all told me that I am a perfect for the job. And that I will be hearing from them soon. What aculy happens. I call them 3 to 4 days latter, and they blow me off. I call agen 2 to 4 days latter and they tell me all the positions have been filled. I am so fucking sick of it. The only type of work I have been abel to get in laber work in some wearhouse and I really don't want to do that kind of work at this point of time in my life. I just was an laid back retail job of some kind. It would be so nice. But no, can't do that. I fucking hate my god dame life. Oh and to top it all off. I am really starting to fell that, I don't really know how to say this with out sounding like a complet ass so,
It feels like my friends don't really give a shit. What verry few friends I have.
I don't know, maybe I am just a fucking retard. But what the fuck do I know.
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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
10:15 am - That time agen
Well I have been in one hell of a mood to roalplay for the last few days. However I don't think we are going to anytime soon. I only have 2 players, and I want to play not just run. Alex and Erica are the only ones that can play on a regular bases. I would try Leana but I know thats not going to work. Joel mover to longbeach with his bot friends so I won't be seeing him any soon. This sucks. I want more players.
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
11:00 pm - Wonderfull old me.
Well I had sugery the other day. I had 10 teeth riped out of my head. It wasn't as bad as I thoght it was going to be. It has only hurt a littel bit. Things are good. Alex is no longer with his intership. Wouch give us more time to hang. But I am still looking for a job. What I think I am going to do is once the stichies are taken out of my mouth, I am going to go to Northwest Kunetiks and do a quik studt to get some quik cash. That way we can have some money to do something big befor Alex gos back to school. I think I want to go camping some where. Not to shur yet though. But right after the study I am going to devote my self to finding a god dame job. And itf it needs to end up being wearhouse so be it. But I need some money to do some of the things I want to do. An dbuy some shit I want to buy. Other than that, I have really been in the mood to roalplay. But sadly we don't to often any more. Evry one has lives. Tiff is doing here thing and we rearly hear from here. But we have seen her about onced a month. Wouch is what she sead she would try and do./ Erika has a new gall friend wouch is the best thing ever. But I do have to say she is now imposabull to get a hold of. And Joel well hes not working so no cash to get anywhere and he has a new boy friend. So That lever ALex and I. Wouch at the moment are doing a dame thing.
Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
5:58 pm - my so called life
You know. It just seems that evry one has been haveing bad weeks latly. Mine, well hasn't changed much. But thats just how thinks are. I am getting more and more depressed evry day. All I do I do is sit om my ass. I am getting so sik of it. Literally. I have been feel sick the last few days. Oh and to top it off I ran into someone that I haven't seen in some time. And he sead that it looked like I put on weight. Thats all I need to fucking here right now. I'm getting FAT!!!.
I know that I have put on a littel weight, but I didn't thin it was to notesabul. I fucking hate it. Thats all I get to be knoe the fat gay guy how site on his ass with no job. I am looking so forward to it. I need a fucking JOB!!!!!! If any one has a good lead let me know. I need a life. I am just to dame tierd.....

current mood: complacent
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
5:27 pm - FUn for the hole famly
So I haven't sead anything on here in some tme. Not like any one really cairs cuz the only real people who read this dame thing are close friends that I see on a normal basis any way. Buy I felt oblagated to say a littel something. Well this last weekend Alex and I went to San Deago to go to comic con. We had a verry good time. We got there last tuhursday early in the morning. AKA we had to get up at 4am. Got there around 10am only to find out that we couldn't cheek in to our room. Cuz Alex's dad din't get all the info in for the room ( didn't pay for it yet). So we cheek our bags to be held there and wonderd down to comic con. In was huge. Beeter than any con I have been to.
We took it in for some time till we found one bouth inperticular. WISKIds. Wouch we took a demo for a game called Heroclix. And we fell in love with it. So we have a new game that we play. Like we don't have enough... But is cool. So we ended up spending about $150 on heroclix to make a long story short. And we meet Seth Green who was verry col. And I knew he was short, but Dame.
And we meet Bruce Cambel. Wouch was cool. HE is making a new eveldead moive. WOuch looked cool, but come on the idea is dead get over it. Any how the hole weekend weas verry cool. Alex and I even found a good gay bar to go to named Riches. And we got a tad drunk and danced with a semi cute boy, that we almost brought back to the hotel with us. But we didn't. The hole weekend was verry fun. And nice to get out of T town for a wile. But when we got home we where met with tragity. One of owr rats died. Seth ouw rat that we just spent $200 on to take off a growth off his sholders, died cuz he chued up his watterbottel and got plastic stuk in his thruoght. And now his brother Patches is all alone. Its sad. And I think thats about it for now.

current mood: blank
Friday, June 24th, 2005
3:30 pm - Pride weekend
So it Pride Weekend. Ya ho. SO don't really cair. Lets see, tonight I am going to play WOW with Alex, Steve and Joel. Tomarrow I am going to be BBQing for out Naybors 21st Bday and there will be good good amount of people here eating and getting quite drunk. Encluding a few people from Oragon. WHouch is cool.
Then Sunday ALex, Joel, and a diferant Alex, Erica maybe and I are going to Seattle for gaypride. Woch I have sead that I will be drunk off my ass no latter than 12pm. Some what like last year when I was drunk by I think 10am.
SO it should be good time.
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